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Olompali Orchids

Cattleya trianae ‘SFG Dinasty’ x self

Cattleya trianae ‘SFG Dinasty’ x self

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This is one of the finest line-breeding of Cattleya trianae. Originally a friend in Brazil made the crossing from where I obtained the parents.  I bloomed around 60 or 70 of the siblings and not a single one was not great.  I had never seen that before in a crossing, a homogeneous group of very high-quality siblings.   I selected a few favorites to breed, of course. This one was so nice that I decided to self it. I am the only person in the United States who has been breeding this strain, so you are adding something very special and in small quantity to your collection - that you cannot get anywhere else. The parent plant has been in my collection for about 25 years, the only plant in existence.

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