Cattleya trianae

Good morning orchid friends,

A while back, maybe 15 years ago I received a lot of trianae seedlings, the same cross from which I had already purchased about half a dozen of them. My initial seedlings bloomed sensationally well, all of them were plants with excellent flower shape.

By then I had already seen photos of a few blooming in the hands of other orchid friends in Brazil. I found remarkable how all of them were good to excellent. I sold many of them, but had stopped selling after a show when I sold none of them. I knew they were going to turnout great and yet everybody found them expansive. I grew and bloomed them. I receive photos from the customers who bought them, all very nice, not one bad shaped flower. 

I have selected a few and bred them. The results are the same, all good to excellent. You can find them in my store.  More details on this story will follow.


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